Learn the Art of Braiding at RHODA HQ

Thinking of becoming a Braider but don’t know where to start? Have you wanted to learn how to braid for friends and family? If yes, then let’s get you started in the Art of Braiding.

What does the class cover?

* Introduction to Hair Braiding Art
* Contraindication
* Product knowledge
* Hair prep and after care of chosen style(s)
* Practical teaching of chosen style(s)
* Braids removal procedures
* Learner braids on Mannequin and be supervised
* Learner Braids on Live model or perfect work on mannequin( learner comes with their model
* Time for further questions and answers
* Closing

Braiding Styles available

* Box Braids

* Knotless Braids.

* Cornrows (with and without extension )

* Stitched braids( with and without extension)

* Hair Twisting ( with and without extension)

*Hair Crocheting

* Classes are for 18+ only.
* Models are only allowed in during practical time. Please confirm time for model to come in with the trainer.
* The salon provides all braiding tools used in class.

Why learn at Rhoda HQ?

You simply learn from the best. Rhoda has wealth of knowledge in the Art of Braiding. Haven started braiding herself at the age 8, She Progressed to having professional qualification in Afro-Caribbean Hairstyling.

In her twenties Rhoda was a school teacher for years before taking up hairdressing as full time job. Her teaching skill is immensely of advantage. Her wealth of experience and professional upskilling in caring for all hair types shows in her works.

At Rhoda HQ classes are very individualised with maximum of two learners at a time.


For cost and duration please see booking session. For further enquiry contact salon at info@rhodahq.com – WhatsApp 07722934209.

Rhoda HQ Hair and Beauty
2 Wardlaw place
EH11 1UB

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